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wedding video faqHow do we reserve a date and how soon should we hire you?
I usually tell my couples to contact me as soon as they get engaged! We book up just like any other photographer, venue, florist, etc… Popular dates go quickly and we only book one wedding per day. That doesn’t mean if you call us last minute we won’t have your date open, it just means there’s a chance we are already booked. There is a $500 non-refundable retainer along with the signed contract needed to reserve your date.

How many videographers will be at my wedding?
You will have a team of 2-3 videographers at your wedding depending on the package you purchase, and the size/location of your wedding. I will be your primary videographer along with one or two of my talented second shooters.

I’m trying to find your prices and can’t seem to locate them? How much can I expect to invest in a film?
We know we aren’t the cheapest videographers in town and we definitely understand budgets. Typically, families that invest in a 41 Productions wedding film feel like quality and content of their memories were more important than price. That doesn’t mean they don’t have budgets, it just means they budgeted for films! We love when a couple contacts us excited about the quality of our wedding films! We want you to look at having a 41 Productions wedding film as an investment for years to come, not “another expense.” We’d love to discuss packages and prices with you. Just give us a call to discuss what option will work best with you! All of our packages can be adjusted to fit your needs and budget and we even have interest-free financing if the need arises. Remember that statistics show that the biggest regret brides have after their wedding day was not hiring a videographer. You can’t afford not to hire us.

How long will it take to receive my wedding film?
You can expect to receive your wedding film 4-8 weeks after your wedding.

What is a highlight film vs. a wedding trailer?
The wedding trailer is a 1-song edit of your entire day! This will be the film you can share on Facebook, etc. that will capture the emotion of your day all wrapped up into a few minutes! The highlight film is a 2-song extended edit of your day and it allows us to be storytellers and tell your story!

Do we get to pick our own music?
Yes and no. You are hiring us because our style resonates with you! Our clients trust our style and trust that we will pick music that represents them as a couple! We will pick the music for your wedding trailer, but we allow you to pick the music for your highlight film! This way you get the best of both worlds. On the questionnaire you will receive once you book, you’ll be able to tell us what songs you prefer and also what genres of music you like/don’t like.

Does “5 hours of coverage’ mean you’ll be filming for 5 consecutive hours?
Not exactly. “Hours of coverage” does not mean “hours of footage.” “Hours of coverage” includes setup time at your ceremony, travel from your ceremony to reception, downtime waiting for events to happen like cutting the cake, etc… It does mean that you’ll have us there to capture the events of your wedding candidly and as they happen. We rarely “stage” a shot and we prefer the events of the day to unfold as they happen! We feel this is what helps us tell your story!

What does the raw footage consist of?
Raw footage consists of any and everything we film at your wedding! It could be the same “creative” shot 5 different ways trying to find the perfect shot for your highlight film. But it also includes everything we film that doesn’t make it into your highlight film (entire dances, toasts, etc…). We only guarantee your footage for a little bit after your wedding. Purchasing it allows you to always have the “uncut” version of your day, backed up. About 80% of our couples purchase the raw footage.

What is the advantage of USB over DVD?
While the quality of TVs are getting better, DVD players are stagnant. Giving you your film on USB insures you will have the highest quality film possible to keep up with the eve-changing technology. You’ll be free to make your own DVD copies so you won’t have to worry about a single copy DVD skipping years from now. Also, having the .mov file on a USB drive allows you to keep your film in High-def!

We’re afraid that by adding a videographer, it’s going to look like a big production. Are you able to
capture our day discretely?
Absolutely! We guarantee you’ll notice your photographer more than you’ll notice us. We want to make a big deal out of your wedding day! But, know that we do all of this with the utmost respect for your day, leaving it uninterrupted. Our entire goal at your wedding is to blend in, be friendly and professional, and capture all of the large and small moments that you don’t want to forget. So, we promise that we won’t have big bulky cameras and lights in any of your guest’s faces. If you have any questions about what it’s like to work with us, check out our reviews on our website and Facebook page.

Do you work well with photographers?
Our motto has always been to work together with photographers so you end up with the best possible photos and video! If we’re constantly in each other’s way trying to get the “best shot” then we’re only hurting you. Usually we try to hangout beside your photographer so no one is in anyone’s shot.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We shoot with the cinematic DSLR Canon 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II and Canon 7D cameras. We have a variety of different top-of-the-line lenses to capture your wedding, in even the darkest of venues. Professional audio equipment guarantees that you’ll have crystal clear audio of your entire ceremony, and for toasts when a DJ or band’s feed is available.

Do you travel?
We love to travel! Contact us for a custom quote. You can rest in the fact that by sending our video team with you to your destination wedding, you won’t have to worry about your film! We’ll tell your story, you relax and enjoy it!

Do you offer photography as well?
No we don’t, but we work with some amazingly talented photographers and would love to recommend them to you! We want to focus on what we do best…and that’s being a storyteller and creating a beautiful film you’ll enjoy for years to come! We think that photography and videography are equally important and feel that
companies who offer both can’t focus 100% on doing their best, if they’re trying to do both at your wedding. Contact us if you’d like some recommendations!

Do you have recommendations for other wedding vendors?
We work with some amazing vendors in our area and we would love to give you contact information for any type of vendor we are trying to find. Give us a call!